Overview of JCA

Who are we?

JCA (Japan Cryonicists Association) is a Tokyo-based group of 
cryonicists living in Japan. It was formed to help Japanese people 
understand what exactly cryonics was, because the majority of the 
Japanese still sees cryonics as something "dubious" or "fake." 
To remove their misunderstandings on cryonics, we have been providing 
correct information on cryonics through its web site and mail 

There are only 10 members in our group at this moment while approx. 
300 people are subscribing our mail magazine. 

Also the founder of JCA, Hikaru Midorikawa, is Liaison of Cryonics Institute in Japan.
We can provide site service of cryonics by method of Cryonics Institute,
but we have not long-term storage facility, so we can provide the service
for only members of Cryonics Institute.