From: Saul Kent 
Subject: 21CM Videotapes Available

        Videotapes of the 21st Century Medicine (21CM) seminar and tour
that was held on Nov. 8, 1998 are now available from the Life  

Extension Foundation.  The following tapes are available:  

        1) Revolutionary Breakthroughs In Cryobiology by Gregory M. Fahy,
Ph.D. & Brian Wowk, Ph.D. (60 min) -  21CM's new ground-breaking
ice-blockers are discussed, with video footage of  

experiments demonstrating their ability to prevent ice formation at low
sub-zero temperatures.  Evidence is also presented regarding  

the low toxicity and stability of 21CM's new vitrification solutions.  

        2)  Improved Cryopreservation Of Cells, Tissues and Organs By
Gregory M. Fahy, Ph.D. (45 min) -  Evidence that 21CM's new ice-blockers
and vitrification solutions can improve the cryo- preservation of rabbit
kidney slices and human sperm, with a discussion of the company's plans to
apply these advances to whole organs for transplant.  

        3)  Advances In Rsuscitation and Noninvasive Induction Of Profound
Hypothermia By Mike Darwin (85 min) - 21CM scientists have achieved
recovery of dogs without brain damage after up to 17 minutes of cardiac
arrest at normal body temperature.  A spin-off of this research has been a
new technology to cool dogs by 10 deg. C. in 30 minutes or less with a
noninvasive method of liquid breathing. Included is an engineering
conception of the automated, portable liquid breathing system being
developed by 21CM.  

        4)  How Soon Can We Achieve Suspended Animation? Panel Discussion
moderated by Saul Kent, with Gregory M. Fahy, Ph.D., Brian Wowk, Ph.D.,
Mike Darwin and Steve Harris, M.D. (60 min)  - Remarkable electron
micrographs of rabbit brains cryopreserved with 21CM's breakthrough
vitrification solutions provide hard evidence that 21CM has made
significant progress towards the achievement of suspended animation. 
Discussion (with questions from the audience) of 21CM's future research
plans in this area, and projections of the company's timetable for

        Single videotapes can be purchased for $15 each.  All five tapes
can be purchased for the discount price of $50.  To order your tapes in
the U.S. call toll-free: 1-877-277-0322 or send your check or money order
payable to:  Life Extension Foundation, Box 229120- Dept 21MED, Hollywood,
FL 33022.  When ordering by phone from other countries, please call: 1-
954-766-8433.  Since we are not charging extra for postage, anyone who
wishes express mail  

delivery of their tapes should order by phone and ask how much the extra
charge is for express delivery.  

---Saul Kent, CEO 21st Century Medicine